Bluestone Health Center : Prudich Medical Center

Our Service

Our clinic staff takes care of patients from all age groups.. from infants to adults and the elderly. We provide both preventive and acute health care. Check out the medical services we offer, as listed below, let us know how we may be able to help you.

Pediatrics including immunization, well-child care

EPSDT well-child care for children on Medicaid

Family Practice & Adult Health Services

Laboratory Services

Family Planning* including supplies and counseling

Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Program*

Black Lung Services* including benefits counseling, diagnosis and treatment

Maternity or Pregnancy Care* including women on Medicaid or with no insurance

Disability Examinations

Home Visits for shut-ins

Hospital Care 24 hours for acute or chronic problems. After hours you are to call Princeton Community Hospital at 487-7000 and ask for the doctor on call for Bluestone Health Center

Assistance with Medications *

* fees based on income

Billing Information The availability of services in the clinics never depends on the patient's ability to pay. Clinic have a "sliding scale" program that reduces cost to low-income families. Some of our services like Family Planning or Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Program may even given free, depending on your income. Clinic do accept most third party insurance. Clinic also bill Medicaid and Medicare directly, this means no paperwork and you won't have to wait for Medicaid to give its share after you pay full charges. Feel free to ask any our billing staff if you have any other concern about payment.